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Review: Sammy and His Shepherd

Sammy and His Shepherd: Seeing Jesus in Psalm 23

 Written by Susan Hunt

 Illustrated by Cory Godby

 Reformation Trust

Sammy and His Shepherd is not a book to read in one sitting—at least, not to a child. But for adults who love the 23rd Psalm, it may be hard to put down.

 Susan Hunt’s book has eleven short chapters. Each chapter illustrates a verse from Psalm 23. These illustrations are perfect for children, but they will be appreciated by the grown-ups, too.

 In chapter one: “The Lord is My Shepherd; I Shall Not Want,” we are introduced to Sammy, the happy and content sheep. Sammy’s shepherd loves his sheep, names them, and cares for them in every way. Sammy meets a nameless and pathetic little ewe across the fence. She is amazed to hear about Sammy’s shepherd and wants to know more. The good shepherd eventually buys the little ewe, and she continues to be amazed by his love.

 At the end of the book are related verses, discussion questions, and applications for each chapter. The verses are taken from the English Standard Version. This supplemental material is ideal for helping children understand the concepts taught in each chapter.

 Susan Hunt has a degree in Christian education from Columbia Theological Seminary. It shows in this book. Sammy and His Shepherd teaches good theology in a way that children can understand.

 Cory Codby’s full-page, colorful paintings top the book off. They are wonderfully done. The aesthetics combined with the sound teaching in Sammy and His Shepherd make a winning combination.